Spanish for beginners 4

Deseases - Enfermedades > Hablar con un enfermo – Speaking with a sick person

Speaking with a sick person we ask

¿Qué tal? – How are you?
¿Cómo te encuentras?
– How do you feel?

In Spain it is normal to show optimism, so people usually diminish their pain:

No me encuentro bien – I am not Ok
Me siento un poco mal
– I don´t feel well

and try to show that they are getting better:

Estoy (mucho) mejor, gracias – I am (much) better, thanks

If you want to ask somebody about her/his illness, you can use

¿Qué tienes? – What symptoms do you have? / What desease do you have?
¿Qué te pasa?
– What happens to you?

Finally you should wish him/her:

¡Que te mejores! – Get well!
A ver si te mejoras – Get better soon!